Solutions for a mobility that runs

P&C System's mission is to guarantee global support to our customers, starting from the product co-design development capability (with Design-to-Manufacturing approach) and from the concept phase, through the design phase and up to the final validation. This process ensures an effective production start-up and guarantees the best quality performance, by using the company know-how created by the group strategy, based on Vertical Integration.

Specifically, the technical capabilities of product and process development are as follows:

Component feasibility analysis by means of in-depth study performed with moulding dies simulations.
Co-design with the customer to achieve manufacturability in safety and accordingly with the part's drawing requirements.
Performance study for component validation, FEM analysis, heat dispersion, durability, vibration tests.
Execution of tests according to standards and customer specifications.Study of the most effective production process according to the technical specifications and planned project volumes.

Launch of pilot production to validate the solutions to be applied to the series.
Research of the best production proposals according to customer requirements and based on experience gained over the years.